Feb 24

Multiplayer Port Fowarding

A Simple Port Forwarding

I really am going back to basics with this one.

Step 1.
Launch Web Browser and type Gateway/Router IP Address. Press Enter

Physically turn your router upside down and check the Base plate…
Often your default Login Username and Password along with Access IP Address can be found here. If not consult your users manual.

Step 1. Alternative

If you don't know your Router IP Address…
Click Start. In the search bar type cmd (For Windows XP. Start > Run > type cmd

Press Enter.

Step 1. Alternative

The DOS Prompt Appears. Type ipconfig

Press Enter.

Step 1. Alternative

Now, on this window your looking for Default Gateway……. 192.168.x.x Generally your Class C network begins on the 192 – 223 range.

In my case my Default Gateway (Gateway is the interface in which you connect to another Network, i.e. Internet.) is

So to Access my Router interface I browse to (As in Step 1) This is where we find the interface in which to allow port forwarding.

Step 2.

Often, you`ll be presented with a screen like below. Type Username and Password then click Log In OR Press Enter. Entirely up to you.

Step 3.

Now, bearing in mind no Router interface is exactly the same. It often differs greatly from one manufacturer to the other.

In my case, I want to goto Port Range Forwarding.

(why port range forwarding and not single port forwarding I hear you ask. In my case again, my router would act as a virtual server on single port forwarding. Meaning i need to use a different external port and internal port. Not needed.

I want external port requests to go straight to my internal computers port.)

Step 4.

So I need to use Port Range Forwarding (although it will still be just a single port)

Above, you can see I have entered Start Port 10823

This is dictated by in game options on Farming Simulator 2011. When games are hosted, you can select which port to host on.

And as its only 1 port.. can you guess what my end port will be set to?

Remember when we typed ipconfig and we were returned with multiple IP addresses? Ensure you double check your Adapter's assigned IP Address.
IPv4 Address:

What I'm telling the router to do when typing this address is..

When you receive a packet with the port 10823 you should forward this to the local computer which has the IP Address assigned to it of :

Protocol, set this to Both.

Also Ensure the Enabled check box is ticked. Then hit (Apply, not cancel)


I strongly disagree with the various posts assuming that you should disable your firewall. Yes, this is the quick and easy way to allow incoming connections. But its not SAFE!

It only takes around 1 minute to add the application to your internal firewall.

Step 1.
Click Start > Control Panel

In Control Panel click (using Classic mode/ Large icon view)

Step 2.
On the left menu click

Step 3.
In the "Allowed Programs and Features" list you should find and

Ensure the check box to the left of these names are ticked and the first box is ticked if using a private network (usually most home networks are set to private, you can also select public but its a further risk if your on a laptop)

If you cannot find these on the list.

Click  "Allow another program…"

Browse this list and Add both Giants Game engine and Farming Simulator 2011

If you still cannot find the mentioned program names. Click Browse…

Browse to the path of the mentioned programs

Side note (If you had the demo installed, ensure its not pointing to the demo .exe Not sure if it gets overwritten as I Uninstalled the demo before installing full game)

Also, I'll add a Netgear DG834G, Dlink and some other crappy router just to allow for manufacturer deviations.

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