Aug 06

Ferme du Haut Plateau v1.2

Ferme du Haut Plateau v1.2

Hello all,
I present my map the Ferme_du_Haut_Plateau
Card medium sized, original grains.
Is an area specially dedicated to the establishment of greenhouses in the southeast of the village, with a slot to store manure and a water point nearby.
Runs on pc config mini + 512 Mo RAM.
Zip map: 103 Mo – I3D: 26.4 Mo.

> The archive contains:
_ The map,
_ A text document “READ ME” containing all the following information,
_ A text document explaining the use of “tipanywhere”
_ A ModPack.
_ an image of planted fields (in french.. blé= wheat, orge= barley, colza= rape, maïs= maize)

To run the map need: (Copy files .zip folder “mods” game)

_ “ModPack_Fumier” (Manure, liquidManure, and “Trailers_Remorques”* or equivalent)
_ MapDoorTrigger
_ superSiloTrigger
_ Map_Fruits (Allows recover grass and chaff in the silo)
_ “Tools_Outils”

> You have 5 points of sale:
_ Mill: Wheat, Barley, Rape, Straw.
_ Brewery: Wheat, Barley.
_ Port: Wheat, Barley, Canola, Maize. Sells gasoline.
_ Garden: Grass, Silage, Manure, Liquid Manure. Sells Fertilizer.
_ Farm of Louis: Maize, Manure, Silage, Straw.

> New features in v1.1:
_ Modified traffic,
_ Multi-silos compatible with MP changed and gives grass + silage (appearing under the names “sugarbeet” and “cotton” but with normal icons)
_ Defective equipment shelter changed,
_ Adding two shelters in the south,
_ + Fields ready to be harvested,
_ Ramp mill changed,
_ Pedestrians addition,
_ Bottles fixed locations,
_ Possible to feed cows in the barn,
_ Remove silos and shelter storage silage / grass, with “tipanywhere”
_ Adding shelter to the farm ,
_ Adding markers pda (concession, mill, cows, brewery)

> New features in v1.2:
_ Collision problem in a shelter at the farm corrected,
_ Sense of appearance of the vehicle / tools to the concession changed.

_ Author:
_ Traffic, Milktruck, PDA, image briefing:
_ Clear map:
lila_lion / pcspast

Download: Ferme du Haut Plateau v1.2 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Ferme du Haut Plateau v1.2 [Uploaded.to]

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