Oct 15

Feldy – New fruits, mods, and processes

Feldy - New fruits, mods, and processes

Feldy – a map by FarmerYip and Doctorhilti.

Feldy has a few new things to play with, OSR, Hedges, Red Clover, Peas, and a cattle and pigs production for better proffits. Many new features also added to the map will keep you playing for hours. Grab a few friends together, theres so much to do on Feldy you will need some help but can also be played single player.

Fruits on Feldy – new and default ones :- OSR, Barley, Canola, Maize, Wheat, Potatoes, Sugarbeet, Peas, Red Clover.

PLease make sure you read the PDF and the Introduction Video that comes with the Mods download. Or from the links below. The video and PDF will help with a lot of questiuons you may have on how to play the map and run the processes.

Feldy should run on most PC’s and during testing causes very little lag even on some low end PC’s.

The map was completely made by FarmerYip, with a little additional help from Naplam. All the mods were adapted for Feldy by Doctorhilti, and additional changes made by the guys in FMC, and Seederman, Hermit23. Many thanks to all of them.

I3D File Size – 37 MB : Map Zipped file size 134 MB : Downloaded mods needed Zipped file size 130 MB

Feldy should run on most PC’s and Laptops, some reduction in performance can be expected on lower end machines.

MAP : FarmerYip
ADDITIONAL MOD AND MAP EDITS : Kaosknite, Napalm, Seederman, Hermit23.
BUILDINGS : FarmerYip.

Download: Feldy – New fruits, mods, and processes [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Feldy – New fruits, mods, and processes [Uploaded.to]

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